Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Eitan talking:

Hello, what's happening? Long time no see, I know. Aidan and I've been busy growing, learning and enjoying life. Summer is here, yay!!! Well, the weather doesn't seem like summer but I'll take any kind of summer as long as Mommy, Daddy, Aidan and I get to spend family time together without one of them gone at work.

Anyway, for me... I've been into the literacy world lately. I learned how to write my name and so far, only the E is intelligible. I can read some words and I can fingerspell some words as well. I can spell my name, some of Aidan's, Mommy's name, "car" and buzz. Here's an example of me with my literacy fun:


I found a sticker that had "e" and fingerspelled "e"... I peeled it off and put it on my chin because when you sign my name, you crook your index finger and pat it twice on your chin. I told them that it was my name in writing. Mommy and Daddy thought this brilliant and took pictures.

As for life in general, I keep asking questions and find myself saying "why why why" lately. I guess I'mjust a curious kid who want answers to everything, well, nearly.

I looked up to daddy and saw his hairy chest... I pulled my shirt up and had a puzzled look and then said, "where's my hair?" Daddy told me I gotta wait until I get taller. Why does everything look good when you're taller? Mommy told me she prefers me to stay shorter.

Aidan Talking:

It has been a long time since I've seen you guys! I'm also growing a lot too. I can crawl, I can say some words and love to play games.


Here's me playing peek-a-boo with Aunty Cat.


This was on Mother's Day and I made sure I was on my cutest that day. I kept giggling and playing with Mommy (I'm giggling at her in that picture).


Here's me crawling. Yeah, I know I got corn bits on my face... we had delicious BBQ dinner for Mommy's day.


I love doing this when I'm on her lap, I would arch backwards and watch the world go by. I was looking at the sky and going ooooooo!

Eitan talking:

Aidan didn't suffer food bits plastered on his face, I did as well:


Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches does that to you.

After hanging out at Grandma and Poppie's new home, we drove on a scenic route back home. We stopped to enjoy the wind turbines and... well, illegally went over the fence to take pictures. I tell you people, it was majestic, awesome and very windy!


Aunty Cat and I with the turbines. It was super windy and the machinery were HUGE!!! The picture does not do its justice.


Mommy swinging me as if I was a turbine. Whee!


Aunty Cat let me borrow her camera and I took lots of pictures. I hope to be a photographer someday.

Aidan talking:

Eitan hopes to be a photographer indeed, whenever he's given a camera, he'd just demand to have it and to shoot. Sometimes Mommy would find random pictures taken as she looks through the shots on her camera. I don't know about my future profession but for now, I'll just remain cute whenever, even when sleeping.


Here's Zeus and I tucked in together. She tucked herself in like that, seriously!


And here's me with my big brother, sweet?


I'm singing la la loudly as I merrily sat next to the big ball.


I love our backyard, we could sit for hours and soak in the quietness of our home. As for Eitan... well, he has his hobby, or Mom calls it, bug fetish.

Eitan talking:

Well, it's my duty to love bugs, I'm a boy and you'll eventually be so into it, Aidan!


Look what I found!




Lookit! I found another one!

There! Now you get the idea of my hobby with bugs. I still love cars though.


Here's us two, we play with cars together. I'm teaching Aidan how to properly play with cars and so far, he has gotten it and also loves them.

Aidan talking:


I just love how the wheels move and I like making them park or go through buildings.


Whoo hoo!

Eitan talking:


Mommy found this and thought it hilarious.

Aidan talking:

We went hiking at a place called Del Valle. It was my first hike and I thoroughly enjoyed riding in the backpack thingy on Daddy.


Here's us hiking up a hill into a meadow and it was breathtaking.


I just love it!!


Eitan also enjoyed it immensely.


Here's the four of us ontop of a hiking trail in Del Valle.

Other than loving cars, Roomba, hiking... I absolutely LOVE taking baths!! I enjoy them even more when Eitan's with me. We'd splash around giggling and giggling forever.


Yup, cars take baths too!


Here's us giggling together.

Also, to practice my cuteness, I put on a show for Aunty Cat with a spoon while eating rice.


mm, I like the spoon!


I'm just smiling at Aunty Cat, she alway says I'm adorable.


Right, Aunty Cat??


Now you want me to do the spoon thing again for photo op? Sure, here you go!!

Eitan Talking:

Mommy watched me relaxing on the hammock and I had no idea she took pictures (or that she even watched). I was enjoying myself looking at our Meyer Lemon tree and then, what ya know... look at the series below:


Enjoying the lemon tree, the blue skies...


Let me move a wee bit over for more comfort...



woah! I clung onto it with my dear life and hear Mommy laughing. I then realized she saw and captured the whole thing. I now think it is hilarious too.


We went to another hiking place at Sycamore Grove, right by our home and amdist the wineries. It was mediating.

Aidan talking:

What's dis?


It looks good...


smooth, round... gritty.


eitan always is to the rescue


Mommy, Eitan and I at Sycamore Grove.

Eitan talking:

Mom got a little bit crazy with her camera, she kept telling me to pose, pose... pose!


Where do I look?


Woah! What's that?!?!?!?!?!?!?!






I'm a goner.

Seriously people, bugs to me are like squirrels to dogs! Anyway, Mommy gave up and got a stable picture of Aidan's bum:


Can't go wrong with this, can you?


We went camping in our own backyard, Daddy and I slept like a baby but Mommy and Aidan failed and ended up indulging in luxury on their bed in the house.


See him with his big eyes? That's his expression of, "what is dis? woah!" when he sees something utterly fascinating... and what was so fascinating??


Me blowing bubbles with the gum!

Our school is closed for the summer. Before closing, we had a ceremony where I walked over a bridge as if I was "promoted". Anyway, it was frickin' cold and after walking over the bridge, I simply made a beeline to Mama and we all left early. But here's a picture or two:


Me in the middle of the crowd of my pals.


I crossed the bridge, paused and smiled to everyone and proceeded to finish walking the bridge. I practiced that for two days before the ceremony during class. I nailed it.

Well, that's that for now. Summer is here and our Grandma and Grandpa from the East are coming, Aidan's 1st birthday is coming up as well and hopefully, the weather warms up so we can enjoy the pool.

Til then!